RadxTools: novel informatics tools for tumor response assessment via imaging

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RadxTools is a new image informatics toolkit funded through the NCI ITCR program, under 1U01CA248226-01.

Tools released

CoLlAGe: a new radiomics descriptor which captures subtle anisotropic differences in disease pathologies by measuring entropy of co-occurrences of voxel-level gradient orientations on imaging computed within a local neighborhood.

Topology: descriptors which capture subtle sharpness and curvature differences along the surface of diseased pathologies on imaging.

RadPathFuse: interactive workflow for landmark-based co-registration of radiographic imaging with digitized pathology images.


Tutorial at MICCAI 2020
Treatment Response Assessment in Oncology: Clinical Challenges and Technical Advances | Oct 4, 2020


The PIs of the RadxTools project are Pallavi Tiwari and Satish E. Viswanath. This U01 is a collaborative effort enabled by the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics at Case Western Reserve University.


Please contact us at radxtools@case.edu with comments, suggestions, or concerns.